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Driving gender balance at leadership level

Inkling Women’s purpose is to create a better environment for all by driving gender balance at leadership level. We have a GOLD (Giant Outrageous Liberating Dream) to ensure that 50% of leadership roles worldwide are held by women. How? We work with leading organisations like Woolworths, Qantas, Atlassian, AGL, Australia Post and PayPal to:

  1. Rapidly lift the percentage of women at leadership level. We inspire female employees to step up, speak up and lead in a way that drives better business outcomes.
  2. Create cultures where everyone thrives, regardless of gender. We also help people leaders to GET gender diversity and overcome unconscious bias: to talk about it, call out behaviour, and OWN it.

Return on investment

Our leadership development programs change lives and organisations. We know there are many businesses out there capitalising on the push for greater gender diversity. We also know that passionate people like you invest a total of $10 billion annually in diversity training with next to no ROI. We solve this problem.

And we help you to return measurable ROI on your diversity budget. Our outcomes are second to none: 50% of women who work with us are promoted within 6 months, and our clients have had to lift their 5-year women in leadership targets after working with us for just 9 months.

Why our programs work

Our programs work because they are evidence-based, action-oriented and never fluffy. Our Founder and CVO has a PhD in performance psychology and our CEO has a Masters in Organisational Psychology. We are proud research nerds who believe in continuous learning and development to ensure we are constantly delivering industry-leading programs that generate unparalleled results for organisations and individuals.

Inkling Women runs several acclaimed training programs for women and leaders. All programs can be offered in-house and tailored to your needs as an organisation. Speakeasy and Ignite are also run as public programs across Australia, allowing you to send individual women on an as-needed basis. We are also available to speak at your next event on a range of topics, click here to find out more.